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4 TikTokers Arrested For Shooting Prank Video In Front Of Kilifi Police Station

Four people have been apprehended for orchestrating what authorities have deemed a malicious TikTok prank in front of the Kilifi Police Station. The accused parties include Shabir Ali Suleiman (27), Samson Biwott Omungata (17), Caleb Gunga Kahindi (18), and Omar Juma Omar (19).

As per a police statement obtained by Citizen Digital, one of the suspects initially sought permission from a custodian cleaning the area to film a video within the police premises, but this request was denied. Undeterred, they proceeded to film a contrived prank video with their three cohorts.

The scenario involved one individual feigning intoxication and being accosted by two others riding a motorcycle, all while being recorded by another member of the group. This fabricated scene was then shared on TikTok via the account @shabir_shirazy003, accompanied by captions such as ‘Thieves in front of the police station’ and ‘Man gets robbed near a police station in Kilifi.’

Authorities argue that this video tarnished the reputation of the police station. They claim to have obtained CCTV footage showing the suspects in the act of filming the prank video.