Yesu Wa Tongaren’s Wife, Denies Being Pregnant After Gaining Weight

During a recent home interview, Nabii Benjamin, the wife of the self-proclaimed messiah ‘Yesu Wa Tongaren,’ addressed and dispelled the rumors surrounding her alleged pregnancy.

Throughout the interview, Nabii Benjamin emphasized the stress-free nature of her life. She expressed bewilderment at the rumors circulating about her weight gain, as people mistakenly interpreted it as a sign of pregnancy. “Why would Jesus’ wife succumb to stress?” she poignantly questioned.

Nabii Benjamin firmly stated that her sole purpose, alongside her husband, is to carry out the Lord’s divine work, and she has no intentions of becoming pregnant at this time.

It is worth mentioning that Yesu Wa Tongaren and Nabii Benjamin share a blessed marital union and have been blessed with children, some of whom are still attending school.