Wakili Ahmednasir Reveals Why His Wife is a Stay at Home Mom Despite Graduating with First-Class Honors

Prominent city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has provided insight into his wife’s unconventional career path, revealing that despite her impressive background in Information Technology, she has opted to work remotely from home.

During a captivating interview on the Churchill Show, Ahmednasir shared the unique dynamics of his relationship with his wife, which blossomed upon his return to Kenya from the United States, where he pursued his studies.

Despite the geographical distance initially, their bond strengthened over time, culminating in their decision to live together. However, their lives took a different trajectory with the arrival of their first child, prompting Ahmednasir’s wife to pursue further education abroad at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.

Upon completing her studies with flying colors, Ahmednasir’s wife returned to Kenya equipped with a first-class degree in Information Technology. Instead of embarking on a conventional job hunt, she made the deliberate choice to work remotely from home.

Ahmednasir elaborated on this decision, highlighting their joint aspiration for someone to manage household affairs while also contributing to the family’s financial stability. “She went to a university in England and studied IT and also got a First Class. But I told her that she would not work because we need someone to work at home. Ever since, she works at home, she is full-time employed,” he explained.

Despite possessing qualifications that could pave the way for a thriving career in IT, Ahmednasir’s wife opted to prioritize her family’s well-being by working from home. Ahmednasir attested to her effectiveness in managing her responsibilities from home and mentioned that she earns a substantial salary.