All women cheat: Samidoh hints that his wife Edday Nderitu has been cheating on him

Could Samidoh’s latest Instagram post be a subtle jab at his wife’s fidelity? The video, which has gone viral, features a popular Chinese song with English subtitles that seems to suggest that all women cheat, regardless of their partner’s wealth or status. It raises the question of whether Samidoh is accusing his wife of being unfaithful.

The lyrics of the song are damning, stating that “women cheat, even after buying them Samsung, they will lie they love you, daddy, you give them money and they go around saying you are poor in bed, women cheat whether you are wealthy or poor.” However, it is unclear if these lyrics match the song in question. Nonetheless, the saying goes, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” and it appears that Samidoh is insecure about his wife’s fidelity.

This is not the first time that Samidoh has hinted at his wife’s infidelity. In a recent interview, he admitted to forgiving his first love for cheating and starting a family with her. Additionally, he revealed that he has no exes, leaving fans to speculate about his current relationship status.

Karen Nyamu, Samidoh’s baby mama, has also been stirring up drama and causing heartbreak. Edday, Samidoh’s wife, has accused him of reconciling with Karen and tarnishing their marriage with disrespect, humiliation, and social media trolling.

Edday’s emotional Facebook post about the ups and downs of their marriage has left the public confused about what is truly going on. Samidoh has claimed to have forgiven his high school sweetheart for cheating, but his wife denies ever straying from their union. The accusations and denials have created a tangled web, leaving everyone scratching their heads in confusion.