“Hataki Kunikula” Diana Marua Complains As Bahati’s Illness Results To Low Libido

Diana Marua bursts into laughter as her husband casually mentions to the doctor that he prefers her absence during nighttime while discussing her issues.

Furthermore, the mother of three implores the physician to provide medication for Baha’s infection, enabling him to perform during the night.

After describing the severity of his illness and the loss of his appetite, Bahati pauses and seeks advice from the doctor on how to enhance his libido.

Bahati is afflicted with a severe case of tonsillitis infection.

“First, we need to address this before the tonsillitis. I’ll be in heaven once it’s gone. I’ve listed all my ailments. Is there something you can prescribe to strengthen me? Doc, if you can treat all my illnesses, we’ll become best friends,” he remarks.

His wife, Diana Marua, chuckles and expresses her frustration with his apparent disinterest in her, attributing it to his diminished and unsatisfactory libido.

“He no longer desires me. He desires treatment for his low libido. Doctor, please treat him. He needs to regain his libido, especially at night,” reveals Diana Marua.