Heavily Pregnant Karen Nyamu steals the show at Luo Festival as she shakes her ‘Nyash’ to Ohangla tunes (Video).

Fans who attended the much hyped Luo Festival at the Ngong Racecourse were treated to a lifetimes show as heavily pregnant Karen Nyamu took to the stage to buss some moves.

Dressed in a tight jeans and a whitish hoodie, the controversial lawyer wasted no time as she unleashed amaizing dance moves despite being pregnant.

What made the crowd go wild was when she whined her waist up and down as she jammed to Ohangla music.

Watch the Video;

Meanwhile, Karen Nyamu has been left hanging after Samidoh ignored her in a US interview and praised his wife, Edday.

The celebrated Mugithi singer, is in USA where he has been performing in different states and making massive waves with the tour.

Well, after the Birmingham show, he had a sit down with Kikuyu Diaspora Media where he spoke about his life in music and as a family man.

By now, you already know that Samidoh’s life has in the recent past been a corasel of controversies with his baby mama, Karen Nyamu.

In the interview with Jeremy Damaris, he was asked about his experience in the US where he said;

“I was so surprised after landing since I expected the airport to be in a city. In my first show, I had anxiety that fans would fail to attend but it was full to capacity.”

“The show had all Kenyans in regards to the tribe and they are generous to me.”

Damaris further went on to ask Muchoki how he has managed to stay without having sex seeing that his wife if thousands of kilometers away.

“You don’t dump yourself in every place you go. Self-discipline must be applied.”

He also went on to heap praise on his wife saying that her prayers have been the key thing that has kept him moving.

“I talk to my kids. My daughter is in a boarding school but she tells the teacher she wants to talk to me. They call me often times. My wife is my prayer warrior.”

Samidoh however in the full interview, ignored questions about his baby mama.