“Guardian Angel opens up on Relationship with his step children.”Wananiheshimu kama baba Yao”

Kenyan gospel sensation, Peter Omwaka, better known as Guardian Angel, recently shared insights into his harmonious bond with his stepchildren, who are nearly his own age….CONTINUE READING

In a recent interview with a local blog, Guardian Angel expressed the strength of his relationship with Esther Musila’s children – Gilda Naibei, Glenn Naibei, and Kim.

“They’re grown individuals. We share a solid, healthy bond,” Guardian Angel affirmed.

Esther Musila, on her part, revealed that her children seamlessly embraced her 35-year-old partner as part of the family. She explained that introducing Guardian Angel to her children wasn’t met with resistance, as they recognized her happiness and welcomed him with open arms.

“I informed them about my relationship with Guardian Angel. As a single parent, their concerns were natural. They worried about potential changes. However, Guardian Angel’s presence swiftly alleviated their fears. They connected instantly,” Esther shared.

In response to online criticism, Guardian Angel remained resolute in his commitment to his 53-year-old partner. He acknowledged societal norms but emphasized that his dedication transcends age disparities.

“My commitment to my partner surpasses societal expectations. Despite the chatter, what matters is the bond we share behind closed doors,” Guardian Angel stated firmly.

The singer reiterated that public opinion has never swayed his affection for Esther, emphasizing his focus on their relationship’s strength rather than external judgments.