I wanted to give birth on Samidoh's birthday”- Karen Nyamu Reveals Details About A Difficult Pregnancy
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“I wanted to give birth on Samidoh’s birthday”- Karen Nyamu Reveals Details About A Difficult Pregnancy.

Samidoh’s baby mama and city lawyer, Karen Nyamu in a video that has since gone viral has narrated how difficult it was to give birth saying that she wished it would have happened on the Musician’s birthday.

The mother of two in the video said that she did not eat alot which led to her being nauseated.

“My first trimester was okay. I was nauseated, I didn’t have appetite and I didn’t know what to eat…chicken. But I didn’t want to eat a lot. I remember that time we’re on lockdown and this challenge – don’t rush wa going on too much. So I associate that song with nausea.”

She went on to add that she would bleed alot and was put on hormone progesterone.

“Apart from nausea… I remember I had an incident of bleeding and I had to call my doctor who put me on a hormone progesterone’ which I had to use till the end of 1st trimester to hold the baby.”

Nyamu has been in the center of drama when Samidoh is mentioned after previously serving Kenyans with hot tea of their secret affair with the benga musician.

Even though the two have since apologized to their fans, Nyamu seems to not have moved on with a daily direct or indirect message to Samidoh.

Recently, she shared a video of her daughter in traffic who was begging her to see Samidoh after spotting Muchoki’s photo on a matatu.

Posting the video on her Instagram account, Nyamu said that her daughter’s love for Samidoh is immeasurable but digging in deep, Karen was sending an indirect message to the musician telling him that he is still part of her.

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