MAKENA NJERI moves on after breaking up with NTALAMI as she exchanges romantic notes with her new LESBIAN lover.

Makena Njeri and her rumored new lover, Kaz Karen Lucas have sparked dating speculationsin their latest posts.

Karen, who is a singer shared a sweet message confessing her undying love for Makena.

She accompanied the post with an adorable photo saying;

I am grateful that I get to experience different kinds and varieties of love in my life.. because, I’m not one to hold out on love. Ask those that know me!!! So @makenanjeri Chris, pumpkin, Malenege 🙈. Nakumind sana! Thank you for being patient with me.. I know we will grow into the highest divinity!! And I’m here for the ride!I love you ❤️

Lucas wrote.

Fada ghad! I dey tenk you!!This littu pumpkin of mine came into my life at a time when I literally was looking in the opposite direction but didn’t know that I needed them. They have been light, warmth, understanding, peace and love.

Makena replied saying;

My carrot 🥕 😉. The garden is looking up 😀. Thank you for all the beautiful affirmations and love that you have brought into my life! Kazy Kaz you have a soul. I love you.