Help At Last! 74-Year-Old Machakos Man Rescued After Being Stranded On An Island For Seven Days

A 74-year-old gentleman was recently rescued from Ndeini island in Wamunyu, Machakos County, following a harrowing seven-day ordeal. Nyolo Ngeti had ventured to the island to check on his livestock when unexpectedly, the river’s water levels surged, leaving him stranded without means to return to the mainland.

During his week-long confinement, Nyolo endured extreme hunger, resorting to drinking the flooded water for sustenance. His plight finally came to an end when a rescue boat, organized by Governor Wavinya Ndeti, arrived, for which he expressed profound gratitude. Nyolo emphasized the importance of caution around flooded areas, vowing to caution others against similar risks in the future.

Following Nyolo’s rescue, he was joyously reunited with his family, marking a moment of immense relief after a trying period of uncertainty.

This rescue wasn’t an isolated incident. In recent days, ten individuals were saved from precarious situations around water bodies in the region. Among them were seven people rescued from the treacherous currents of River Athi, with additional successful operations in Oldonyo Sabuk and Ndiuni district of Katangi.

Rita Ndunge, the Machakos County Executive Committee Member for Roads and Transport, who closely monitored Nyolo’s rescue mission, emphasized the importance of avoiding flood-prone areas to prevent similar emergencies in the future. Her recommendation underscores the necessity of proactive measures to safeguard lives and prevent unnecessary risks during periods of heightened water levels.