Underwear Worn By 'Breaking Bad' TV Show Actor To Fetch Ksh.628,000 In Auction -

Underwear Worn By ‘Breaking Bad’ TV Show Actor To Fetch Ksh.628,000 In Auction

The iconic white underwear worn by Bryan Cranston in the hit TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ is up for auction and is anticipated to sell for up to Ksh.628,000.

The auction, organised by Propstore, will feature over 1,000 TV and entertainment props and memorabilia, including Johnny Depp’s cowboy boots from ’21 Jump Street’, a light-up helmet from ‘Alien’, and items from ‘Better Call Saul’.

Cranston first wore the iconic briefs in the pilot episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ where he played the role of chemistry teacher-turned-methamphetamine kingpin Walter White. Similar briefs appeared in his closet throughout the series.

The asking price for the prop pair of underwear is Ksh.176,050 ($1,400), but it is expected to fetch up to Ksh.628,000 ($5,000). The online auction will run from February 13 to February 28, 2023.