3 Things General Francis Ogolla’s told His sister before death

During the funeral proceedings held in Ng’iya, Siaya, Peres Onyango shared insights into the burial arrangements made by her late brother, former Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Francis Ogolla, prior to his demise.

Peres disclosed that General Ogolla had conveyed three specific directives before his passing. Initially, he expressed a desire to be laid to rest within 48 hours of his demise. However, recognizing Peres’s penchant for assertiveness, he amended his request to allow for a 72-hour window. Peres recounted his words, “Peres, a soldier understands the unpredictability of life. Hence, in the event of my demise, I wish to be interred within 48 hours. But considering your tenacity, I extend the timeframe to 72 hours.”

Furthermore, Peres shared that her brother had designated the exact location for his burial. Recounting the poignant moment, she recalled, “He led me to the chosen gravesite and solemnly declared, ‘This is where I wish to rest when my time comes.'”

Additionally, General Ogolla had expressed a heartfelt wish for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to sponsor a holiday for his wife following his passing. Peres conveyed his message, stating, “He entrusted me with the task, affirming, ‘Upon my burial, Jeshi (KDF) should provide funds for Mama Achieng (Aileen Kathambi Ogolla) to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.’ Thus, Jeshi, the responsibility falls upon you to fulfill his wish.”

In her tribute, Peres lauded General Ogolla as a man of unwavering loyalty and dedication, who not only served humanity but also remained devoted to his faith. She reminisced, “My brother epitomized kindness, loyalty, and dedication in all his endeavors. He pursued excellence in every task he undertook. A devout Christian and a servant leader, he exemplified his beliefs through his actions, embodying the principles of Christian life.”

Through Peres’s heartfelt reflections, General Francis Ogolla’s legacy emerges as one of integrity, devotion, and service to both humanity and God.