Rue Baby, Finally Reacts After Reports of Omosh Dumping Her Mother Akothee Months After Their Gorgeous Wedding

Rue Baby, the daughter of the renowned Kenyan singer Akothee, has emerged as a formidable presence on social media, demonstrating unwavering support for her mother in the face of disparaging comments from certain fans.

A recent post by Akothee triggered speculation about her relationship status, leading one fan to make critical remarks about her perceived “inability” to settle down and questioning her age.

Without hesitation, Rue Baby swiftly responded to this unjust attack, steadfastly defending her mother’s honor.

The contentious post, which stated “Niko Single Tena” (I am Single Again), elicited a variety of reactions from concerned and critical fans alike. In the midst of this chorus of opinions, Rue Baby noticed a particularly harsh comment targeting her mother and took immediate action.

The comment from the fan insinuated that Akothee was too old to consider settling down, and it even took a dig at her appearance when she wasn’t wearing makeup. Rue Baby’s response was sharp and unequivocal: “No, you’re not her fan 😂😂😂 you’re a jealous, bitter hater.” With this retort, she not only silenced the critic but also delivered a resounding message to anyone contemplating disparaging her mother.

While Akothee herself has yet to address the post, some of her fans speculate that it might be a teaser for an upcoming song release. Akothee is well-known for her music, and this wouldn’t be the first time she has teased her fans with enigmatic posts leading up to a new song launch.

As anticipation continues to mount for Akothee’s response or a potential song release, the comment section remains alive with speculation. Some fans eagerly await her comeback, while others engage in light-hearted banter and excitement.

In a recent development, Akothee surprised her followers by showering praise on her ex-lover and former manager, Nelly Oaks, during the opening ceremony of her daughter Vesha Okello’s new club.

Akothee emphasized that Nelly would forever be a cherished part of her family and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for his unwavering support and dedication. Her words shone a light on the significance of family bonds and the enduring importance of individuals who remain part of one’s life, even after romantic relationships have concluded.