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Samidoh Net Worth, YouTube Earnings, Family and Songs

Samidoh is a Kenyan musician who has gained popularity through his performances of traditional Kenyan music known as benga. He has a net worth of approximately $1 million, which is largely derived from his YouTube earnings and album sales.

Samidoh’s YouTube channel, which was launched in 2015, has over 400,000 subscribers and has garnered over 50 million views. His music videos, which often feature traditional instruments and cultural themes, have been well received by audiences and have contributed significantly to his online income.

In addition to his YouTube earnings, Samidoh has also released several albums which have contributed to his net worth. His debut album, “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega,” was released in 2016 and featured popular tracks such as “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega,” “Ihinda Ria Gikuyu,” and “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega.” His second album, “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega 2,” was released in 2018 and featured tracks such as “Mundu Wa Kanja,” “Guthiri Thakame,” and “Ndegu.”

Samidoh is married and has three children. He often shares photos of his family on his social media accounts and credits them for their support and encouragement in his music career.

In addition to his traditional benga music, Samidoh has also released several love songs which have become popular among his fans. These songs include “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega,” “Ngai Murathimi,” and “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega 2.” His music has a strong cultural influence and often incorporates themes of love, family, and traditional Kenyan values.

Overall, Samidoh has had a successful career as a musician in Kenya and his net worth and YouTube earnings reflect his popularity and talent. His traditional benga music and love songs have resonated with audiences and his family-oriented values have endeared him to many fans.