Gidi Gidi: Why Odongo Swag is the King of Ohangla and not Prince Indah in Kenya

Joseph Ogidi, popularly known as Gidi Gidi, has ignited enthusiasm and debate within the Ohangla music community by proclaiming Odongo Swag as the King of Ohangla.

This declaration occurred during an event celebrating his mother’s 81st birthday in Homa County, where Odongo Swag’s electrifying performance made a lasting impression on the attendees.

Ohangla, a traditional Luo music genre, showcases a rich array of talented artists, each striving for prominence in the hearts of their fans. Among them, Prince Indah, Emma Jalamo, Musa Jakadalla, and Tony Nyadundo are frequently highlighted as leading figures. However, for Gidi, Odongo Swag stands out from the rest.

Gidi praises Odongo Swag for his exceptional stage presence and vocal prowess, describing his performances as having a spiritual energy that captivates and awakens the audience. “Odongo Swag has vocal prowess and an electric stage presence. He has some juogi that will awaken the spirits of your ancestors once he enters the stage,” Gidi shared on social media.

The Radio Jambo presenter further elaborated on his decision, explaining that while he admires all Ohangla artists, each having their strengths, Swag’s ability to electrify and connect with the audience sets him apart.

“I love all Ohangla artists, and each one has his strengths,” he wrote. For Gidi, Swag’s energetic and spiritually uplifting performances crown him the King of the new school Ajawa, a contemporary style within Ohangla.

In contrast, Prince Indah is celebrated for his lyrical compositions and mass appeal. Indah’s songs resonate deeply with fans, making him a beloved figure in the Ohangla music scene. Gidi acknowledges Indah’s formidable fanbase and the beauty of his music, stating, “Prince Indah is the darling of the masses, with a fanatical following, beautiful compositions, and relatable lyrics. Osiepe Indah are loyal.”