Cheza wimbo yangu uone: Mali Safi Chito warns DJs against Uploading Her Song on YouTube

Kenyan artist Millicent Jepkorir, widely recognized as Marakwet Daughter, has expressed deep concerns regarding the unauthorized use of her viral track “Mali Safi Chito” by local DJs.

In a recent interview with, she conveyed her frustration towards DJs who have taken it upon themselves to upload her song on their YouTube channels without obtaining her consent, deeming such actions as unacceptable.

Marakwet Daughter underscored the considerable effort and dedication she invested in the creation of “Mali Safi Chito” and voiced her disappointment at witnessing DJs capitalize on her hard work without proper authorization. While she acknowledged that DJs playing her song at clubs or events is acceptable, she strongly opposed its unauthorized distribution on YouTube.

Facing the camera directly, Marakwet Daughter issued a firm warning to DJs, urging them to respect her rights as the song’s creator.

“DJs, heshimu kazi yangu. You are not allowed to upload my music on your YouTube channel. Do you know what I went through before recording this song? I have the rights; I own the rights, and it is registered. Do not upload my work on your YouTube channel. Have a good time, use the song, enjoy… for events but not on YouTube,” she asserted.

While Marakwet Daughter did not disclose the identity of the DJ who violated her rights, her statement has sparked discussions among netizens.