Wamucii Wa Kinyari on Claims She Abused KAMEME FM management

Wamucii Wa Kinyari on why She Abused KAMEME FM management

After several interviews, certain individuals will quite often judge the interviewees based on the title. The title could be very strong thus making the audience and readers not to go through the content.

One of the most popular Kikuyu gospel radio presenters, Wamucii Wa Kinyari had to defend herself after people misjudged her. It happened that she was interviewed about leaving Kameme a while back.

She began by saying that she shared everything about her broadcasting journey as it was. “LISTENING IS A GIFTI gladly shared this declaration of my broadcasting journey kuria guothe ndanahitukira as real as it might have been ,” she expressed on her Facebook page

She added that it’s shocking to see people who did not listen breathing fire saying that she abused Kameme.”But people who have not listened to the story we we mabreathaga fire makiuga nindarumire Kameme maundu mangi nimakugegania ,” she added

She encouraged her fans to set aside time and listen her story prior to passing judgment on her. Wamucii also said that those feeling that she isn’t appreciate her humble beginnings should take time before saying anything.

“Mundu uguthikiriria rugano ruru ruothe nioke na uira wa niha ndarumire Kameme,ni ha itaapreciatire Kameme(Anyone that will listen to this story should come with proof that i abused Kameme and i did not appreciate them)..Watu wa uu nindarumire kameme,watu wa oo I am not wise,watu wa ooo I banged the door,I should appreciate humble beginnings ebu please mtake time to listen first on the entire interview then mkuje na uira hapa in bits .earth is heard,” she added