Lady Dumped by Her Mother after birth Marries Her biological Father without Knowing

In a remarkable narrative, Sandrine Murhula, a resident of Goma, DRC, has shared a poignant story of inadvertently marrying her biological father….CONTINUE READING

In a conversation with Afrimax, Sandrine, still struggling to come to terms with the situation, recounts how this perplexing tale unfolded at a bar where she was enjoying a drink. A man approached her, and after sharing some drinks, they decided to go home together.

As their acquaintance deepened over time, Sandrine asserts that they started spending more time together, even going out for entertainment. Eventually, the man expressed his desire for a relationship that would lead to marriage.

Upon Sandrine’s acceptance of the proposal, the man inquired about her parents and suggested the idea of becoming his wife.

“After spending years together, I accepted his proposal, and I was prepared to be his life partner. I introduced him to my parents,” Sandrine shared.

However, upon taking the man home, her mother was absent, necessitating a wait for her return. When her mother finally arrived, the atmosphere took a drastic turn.

“She went straight into her room and called my dad, as if something had happened,” Sandrine recounted.

It became evident that something was amiss when her mother’s demeanor drastically changed upon seeing the man aspiring to marry her daughter.

“She came out declaring it was impossible, unwilling to hear why I sought her approval or even allowing me to introduce the person I brought home,” Sandrine continued.

Perplexed, Sandrine questioned her mother, only to receive a resolute “No” as a response.

“I was shocked. Living with this man since 2022, bringing him home felt like an honor I was bestowing upon my parents. However, reality proved to be far different than I could have imagined,” Sandrine expressed.

Seeking an explanation, Sandrine pursued her tearfully crying mother, who eventually disclosed the shocking truth – the man she intended to marry was her biological father.

“I discovered that the man I had known as Dad was not my biological father. This truth had been concealed by my mother until after she divorced him,” Sandrine revealed.

Following this revelation, the man who had planned to marry her disappeared and blocked her contact upon recognizing her mother.

“I felt ashamed and couldn’t bring myself to return to my mother’s home. I realized that what had happened was a taboo,” Sandrine lamented.

Sandrine’s mother asserted that the man had abandoned her upon learning of her pregnancy.