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Shock As 2 Wives Publish Separate Eulogies Mourning their Late Husband

The passing of Kata Matemu Kithyo reverberated profoundly through the local community, eliciting shock and sorrow. His departure was marked by an unusual circumstance: his two wives, Prisca Mukethe Kithyo and Agnes Murorunkwere Kata, each penned separate obituaries to announce his demise.

Accompanying these tributes were two distinct photographs of Kata, capturing moments from his youth, imbuing the announcement with a nostalgic aura.

Kata Matemu Kithyo, a renowned engineer, succumbed to illness on April 18, 2024, in Mewapa, Mombasa.

As recounted in the eulogies published in the Daily Nation, Kata leaves behind a legacy steeped in familial bonds and affection. Surviving him are children and grandchildren from both unions.

Prisca Mukethe Kithyo’s homage paints Kata as a devoted husband and father, cherishing fond memories of their life together.

Mourning his passing are his children, Mark Muinde Kithyo, Melany Mwelu Kithyo, and Ruth Kivinya Kithyo, all residing in Canada, along with grandchildren Jason Nzau Kata, Sydney Mulekyo Kata, Michael Kusema, Jade Mwende Muinde, and Rhys Katanu Philip.

Prisca’s family has indicated that further details regarding funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, Agnes Murorunkwere Kata’s tribute offers a unique perspective on Kata’s life and family dynamics.

In her obituary, Kata is remembered as Agnes’ beloved husband and the father of Mark Muinde, Melany Kithyo, Ruth Kivinya, Arianne Okong’o, Billy Kata, Olga Kata, and Samuel.

Friends and family are invited to pay their respects and extend condolences at Nairobi Baptist Church’s Children’s Tabernacle on April 23rd, 24th, and 26th, 2024.

Additionally, a fundraising event to defray funeral expenses will be held at the same venue on April 24th.