” Utaua Huyu Kijana na Mechi Buana” Reactions After Diana Shared A Bedroom Photo of Tired Bahati.

The enduring love story between Diana Marua and her husband Bahati has been a hot topic for several years, with the couple maintaining their relevance through the weighty photos and controversial videos they regularly share online.

Recently, Diana Marua divulged to the public the intimate details of her relationship with Bahati, even discussing their activities during her menstrual period. Adding to the ongoing discussions, Diana has once again stirred controversy by posting a photo on her official Instagram page.

The image captures a seemingly exhausted and sleepy Bahati holding Diana’s foot, taken within the confines of their bedroom. Diana’s suggestive captions strongly imply that the photo was snapped after an intense intimate moment, leaving Bahati visibly worn out.

This particular photo has sparked a flurry of comments on Instagram, with a significant number of Kenyans criticizing Diana Marua for showering Bahati with what they perceive as excessive love.

The couple is accustomed to sharing such intimate moments on their social media platforms, a practice that has played a pivotal role in enhancing their brand and amassing a substantial following. These controversial posts have become a hallmark of their online presence, contributing significantly to their popularity.