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Police are currently investigating the tragic demise of Sheila Odoyo, a celebrated Ohangla performer known professionally as Sheila Wegesha, whose lifeless body was discovered at her residence in Athi River, Machakos County.

Sheila, aged 38, is believed to have met her demise on Thursday morning, with her remains found on her bed in the Hill View neighborhood a few hours later.

According to reports from law enforcement, her 18-year-old daughter made the grim discovery, stumbling upon her mother’s lifeless form on the bed and promptly raising the alarm.

The body, found around 1 a.m. on Thursday, May 9, was surrounded by a pool of blood, suggesting a considerable period had elapsed since her passing. Notably, there was a severe laceration on her throat, as per police statements.

Investigators assigned to the case are actively seeking the deceased’s spouse, who was reportedly observed inside the residence earlier. Allegedly, he departed the premises at midnight on Wednesday without communicating with other family members present, departing in his vehicle, according to the daughter’s account.

Authorities express a desire to engage in dialogue with the husband regarding the circumstances surrounding Sheila’s demise. Presently, the motive behind the murder remains elusive.

The daughter recounted having prepared lunch for her mother, only to discover her lifeless body when attempting to wake her. Law enforcement promptly arrived at the scene, conducting a thorough investigation before transporting the deceased’s body to the morgue for further scrutiny.

The couple jointly manages a well-known establishment in the Umoja area of Nairobi.

Sheila’s untimely passing has elicited an outpouring of grief on social media, reflecting the impact of her contributions as an esteemed Ohangla dancer. Many mourners have speculated about the potential motives behind her murder, emphasizing the importance of justice for her family.

Police authorities have assured the public of their commitment to ensuring that justice prevails in this tragic case of homicide.