Mulamwah: I Had Doubts About My Looks Until Huddah Confirmed That I Am Very Handsome  -

Mulamwah: I Had Doubts About My Looks Until Huddah Confirmed That I Am Very Handsome 

In an interview with Eve Mungai, the comedian Mulamwah revealed a significant shift in his attitude towards people’s opinions about his looks. According to him, he no longer pays attention to what others have to say since Huddah Monroe confirmed his undeniable handsomeness.

Identifying himself as Mulams, the comedian shared how Huddah bestowed him with this new name after their encounter. Reflecting on their meeting, Mulamwah recollected Huddah’s declaration that he was the most handsome man she had ever met. This heartfelt compliment from Huddah had a profound impact on him, causing him to disregard the opinions of others entirely. “Mulamwah is handsome when you meet him,” Huddah had affirmed, and this sentiment has become his guiding principle, overshadowing any external judgments. In essence, Huddah’s endorsement provided Mulamwah with a renewed sense of self-assurance.

Furthermore, Mulamwah expressed his belief that Huddah’s statement about his physical attractiveness in person holds greater significance than mere compliments on photographs. He embraced Huddah’s praise wholeheartedly, recognizing it as a more genuine and positive affirmation of his appearance.

The pivotal moment occurred in December 2022 when Huddah met Mulamwah face to face for the first time. Following this encounter, Huddah took to Instagram and left a comment on one of Mulamwah’s photos, expressing her satisfaction with his real-life appearance.

Overall, Mulamwah’s encounter with Huddah Monroe and her affirmation of his handsomeness has had a transformative effect on his self-perception, empowering him to disregard others’ opinions and embrace his own unique beauty.