Kenyan engineer who washed dishes as first US job, now serving in US Navy

Moses Ngotho Githinji stands out among the many Kenyan individuals who choose to serve in foreign military forces, including those of the UK, US, and various other countries.

Originally from Kirinyaga County in Kenya, Githinji, currently residing in Oregon, never anticipated that his life’s trajectory would lead him to a recruitment role in the US Navy. Sharing his journey on Jeremy Damaris’s YouTube channel, Githinji recounted how he and his family relocated to the US in 2011 after winning a green card. In the initial stages of settling in the US, he worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant.

Before his move, Githinji had lived in Juja, Kenya, where he worked as an engineer for a local company. However, upon attempting to pursue a similar career in the US, he found that he did not meet the required criteria. Undeterred, he took up various jobs, starting with washing dishes, before landing a position in packaging at a warehouse.

It was during his time at the warehouse that he encountered a Ghanaian acquaintance who suggested the idea of joining the Navy. Intrigued by the prospect, Githinji, despite lacking any prior interest in the military, decided to explore the opportunity, primarily driven by the need to provide sustainable support for his family. His wife was undergoing nursing training at the time.

To navigate the recruitment process successfully, Githinji sought assistance from a recruiter, ensuring all necessary documents were in order. His dedication impressed the recruiter, leading to his enrollment in the Navy in 2013 after completing the required training. Notably, Githinji observed differences in the recruitment processes between Kenya and the US, particularly in dental requirements.

Addressing his family’s concerns about potential deployment to war before joining the Navy, Githinji assured them of his commitment to building a successful career without harm. His Navy service continued until 2018 when he transitioned to a recruiting role, helping aspiring individuals interested in enlisting and serving.

Githinji emphasizes the importance of patience and discipline for success in the Navy and advises those aged 17 and older to consider joining to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Navy. He recommends collaborating with a recruiter who understands individual needs when considering a military career.

Throughout his military service, Githinji pursued a course in Cyber Security, with graduation expected in 2024, with all associated expenses covered by the Navy. He extends his encouragement to fellow Kenyans to explore opportunities in the US military, expressing his willingness to assist them through the procedures as a recruiter based in Oregon.