Top 10 most sexually active countries in Africa-See where Kenya ranks
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Top 10 most sexually active countries in Africa-See where Kenya ranks

Kenya is constantly ranked among the best countries in Africa in many perspectives but with matters regard to room affairs, Kenyans appear to perform poorly.

This after Kenya failed to make it to the top ten list of sexually active countries in the continent.

A survey done by Durex claims Ugandans and Cameroonians among the most sexually active nations in Africa, and some extent, the world.

The survey positioned Burkina Faso, the West African country with a population of 21 million and a rate of birth of 42.42% top of the sexually active countries.

Second on the rundown is Cameroon with a 36.58% birthrate from a 23.34 million populace.

Uganda and Gabon lie in third and fourth respectively on the list.

The East African country flaunts a 34.17% birth rate while Gabon’s fertility rate remains at 34.64%.

Fifth on the rundown is Zambia with a rate of 42.46%.

West African nations Senegal and Nigeria came in at 6th and seventh with a fertility rate of 35.09 % and 38.03% respectively.

The African island country, São Time and Principe, whose populace checks at 190,344, is in eighth spot with a 35.12% birth rate.

The Republic of Congo makes the list in 10th with a 36.59% rate of birth while Tanzania closes the list with a 36.82% birth rate.
See the top ten sexually active countries in Africa

1. Burkina Faso

2. Cameroon

3. Uganda

4. Gabon

5. Zambia

6. Senegal

7. Nigeria

8. Sao Tome Principe

9. Republic of Congo

10. Tanzania