Nimekula Fare Za Wanaume wengi Sana, ‘Kihiki Wa Githomo’

James Mwangi, also known as Kihiki Wa Githomo, is an up-and-coming content creator known for his amazing content. During an interview, he opened up about the issue of men expressing their love for him. Many gay individuals have been confessing their love for him due to his costumes, which feature exaggerated backsides. On Facebook, these men have been expressing their affection for him.

The frequency of these requests from men seeking to date him became overwhelming, leading him to take advantage of the situation. He revealed that he has accepted transportation money from many men who are infatuated with him and want to meet up with him.

However, Kihiki Wa Githomo emphasized that he is straight and has never considered being gay. He wears costumes as a cross-dresser purely for the purpose of content creation and to entertain Kenyans. It is simply a character he portrays and not his true self.