Tanzanian Producer Master J, “Wakenya Bado Washamba Hata Wanavyovaa,Wasanii wa Tanzania Wanajua Kujibrand Kuliko Wakenya”

In a recent interview with East Africa radio, Tanzanian producer Master J shared his perspective on the comparison between artists from Tanzania and Kenya.

According to Master J, Kenyan artists possess more inherent talent than their Tanzanian counterparts; however, he criticized them for lacking the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively establish their personal brands. The producer also took a dig at Kenyan artists for their perceived lack of commitment to promoting their brands, particularly in their choice of attire.

He emphasized that Tanzanian artists excel in branding and marketing on social media compared to Kenyan artists, whom he described as still being somewhat traditional in their approach. Master J underscored the importance of utilizing social media for the music business, stating, “Biashara ya muziki lazima uitumie social media” (The music business must leverage social media).

Master J further delved into the distinction between singers and entertainers, asserting that Kenya boasts exceptional singers, but Tanzania shines in producing top-notch entertainers. He pointed out that when Tanzanian artists perform in Kenya, they attract large crowds and fill stages that Kenyan artists struggle to fill. Despite potential language barriers, Tanzanian artists reportedly return home with substantial earnings.

Expressing pride in Tanzanian entertainers, Master J boldly declared, “Kiitu ninachojivunia ni kwamba waburudishaji bora wa Africa Mashariki wanatoka Tanzania” (What I take pride in is that the best entertainers in East Africa come from Tanzania). He acknowledged Kenya’s strength in English proficiency and superior singing abilities but maintained that Tanzania excels in providing captivating entertainment.

Master J used Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz as examples, praising Alikiba as the best singer in Tanzania while considering Diamond Platnumz a superior entertainer. In conclusion, the producer urged artists to focus more on the entertainment aspect, emphasizing that the music industry is primarily an entertainment business rather than just a singing endeavor.