‘Usiharibu hewa mbele ya boy Wako atakuacha Tu ’-comedian Jemutai tells women

Kenyan comedian Stella Koitie, popularly known as Jemutai, recently shared some candid relationship advice with her followers. In an Instagram video, the mother of two warned women not to become complacent in their relationships just because things seem comfortable.

Jemutai stresses that there’s no definitive point in a relationship that ensures it will last forever. Using her signature humor, she illustrated this idea:

“Don’t think you’ve reached some ultimate level because you brush your teeth together while your partner uses the bathroom. They can still leave!”

She continued with a dose of reality, emphasizing that physical intimacy does not guarantee commitment:

“Ladies, even farting in front of someone doesn’t mean they’re sticking around forever.”

Jemutai went on to suggest that women might overestimate their understanding of relationships, implying that men might have a better grasp on relationship dynamics. “We’re all learning the ropes,” she said, likening relationships to a comedic kindergarten playgroup. “Education level doesn’t matter here. Whether you have a PhD or never went to school, we all make mistakes.”

Challenging the notion that women can outsmart men in relationships, Jemutai playfully asked viewers to reflect on how often they’ve forgiven a partner’s mistakes. “How many apologies have you received this year? Playgroup!” she concluded.

While Jemutai keeps her current relationship status private, she has previously spoken openly about the challenges in her relationship with fellow comedian Herman Kago, known as Professor Hamo, with whom she shares two children.