“Kenyans, Don’t Try Me; If I Destroy You, I Will Destroy You Kabisaaa,” Prophet Owuor After Saying He Brought Coronavirus to punish people

Self-proclaimed prophet David Owuor, head of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church, has sparked controversy by attributing the global coronavirus pandemic to his prophecy during a sermon at Menengai ground in Nakuru.

Owuor claimed that the pandemic, which resulted in numerous deaths worldwide, was a fulfillment of his prophetic message.

During his sermon, Owuor cautioned Kenyans against questioning his authority, asserting his ability to bring devastation upon Kenya. Despite this warning, he purportedly chose to extend grace instead.

“I am responsible for bringing about the coronavirus pandemic; observe the number of lives lost due to my words. Kenya, do not test me. Should I decide to bring destruction upon you, it will be total. However, for now, I offer you grace,” declared Owuor in the video footage.

The event drew a sizable crowd, including prominent political figures, seeking spiritual renewal and healing.

According to a report by Kenyan Report on Sunday:

“Miraculous Healings in Nakuru as Prophet Owuor Heals Hundreds of Cripples and Deaf People”

Prophet David Edward, leader of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry Church, captivated Nakuru’s Menengai grounds on March 17, 2024, as hundreds of individuals with physical disabilities and hearing impairments were witnessed walking and experiencing restored hearing.

During the live session, characterized by worship and testimonies, attendees reported remarkable healings without the conventional sermon or scripture reading. Witnesses shared accounts of healing, with ushers proclaiming instances of paralysis being reversed and individuals walking for the first time.

The atmosphere was charged with exclamations of gratitude and awe as congregants praised and sang songs of jubilation.

The televangelist has been conducting services at Nakuru’s Menengai grounds since March 16th, culminating in the healing service on March 17th.

On March 18th, Prophet Owuor is scheduled to host a Pastors’ Conference at Nakuru’s Main Altar at Show Ground before heading back to Nairobi to prepare for the Venezuela Meeting.

The weekend gathering at Menengai has been hailed as the ‘Grand Mega Historic Healing Service.’

This event follows shortly after Dr. Owuor was presented with a private jet for his missionary work during a visit to Brazil.