Musician Waithaka Wa Jane Reacts Over Clubs Failing To Pay Them After Performing

If you frequently visit social media pages you must have come across Waithaka Wa Jane at some point. He is a social media influencer and a renown Kikuyu Benga musician who is always well grounded to be distracted by naysayers.

Some hours ago he posted on his Facebook page talking to clubs owners who always invite them to perform and refuse to pay for the service. According to him, he said that it is very wrong for someone to invite you for a show where you spend your energy entertaining fans while they are charging gate fee and selling extra beer and after the show they don’t tell you anything nor pay you.

He therefore called upon the owners of the clubs to respect their hustle since that is what they do for a living. His fellow musician Kamoko went ahead and issued a warning saying the money should be paid before they get angry. What is your take on this.