Suspects arrested in Nairobi for stealing lorry, fitting it with fake number plates

On April 14, 2024, officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) successfully located and retrieved a stolen Mitsubishi lorry, which had been reported missing from a garage in Karen, Nairobi, since April 1, 2024.

The recovery operation unfolded as authorities apprehended a suspect identified as Simam Kagema Mwangi. Mwangi was caught in the act of outfitting the stolen lorry with counterfeit insurance and registration plates.

According to a statement released by the DCI, the search for the vehicle commenced following its theft report at Kiamaciri Police Station. The manager of Kanini Haraka Enterprises Ltd had reported the disappearance of the Mitsubishi Fuso bearing the registration KDK 583G. It was believed to have been stolen between Kenol and Makutano, with its tracking system deactivated.

Collaborative efforts between DCI officers stationed in Mwea West and Thika West resulted in the arrest of the 30-year-old suspect in Thika. Subsequently, the investigative team proceeded to the garage where the stolen truck was undergoing modifications to obscure its origins.

Notably, the vehicle had been affixed with an alternate set of registration plates, bearing the number KCT 446R, at the time of its recovery.

The apprehended suspects are currently under police custody as authorities prepare to bring them before the court on April 15, 2024.