“Nitakufungulia Saloon” – Diamond Platinumz promises to open business for his mother

Musician Diamond Platinumz penned a heartfelt Instagram message to his mother on the occasion of her birthday, reflecting on their shared experiences and expressing his admiration for her. Accompanied by a childhood snapshot of the two of them sitting in their house, the singer recalled a promise he made to his mother long ago. He had vowed to work hard and succeed so that he could build a salon for her when they were leaving her job. His message conveyed the depth of his love and respect for his mother, acknowledging the sacrifices she has made for him. He emphasized that she is the reason he perseveres day and night to ensure she finds the happiness she had long been missing.

In a separate incident, Diamond’s mother, Sandra Dangote, hinted that his wealth might be registered under her name. This revelation came amidst discussions on social media about Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan football player who, despite earning millions, was found to own nothing in his own name. All his wealth was registered under his mother’s name, and she even received his salary. This information surfaced after Hakimi’s wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce following allegations of rape against him.

Responding to the matter, Mama Dangote took to her social media to proclaim that Diamond, whom she referred to as her true best friend, was like Hakimi. Diamond affectionately responded to her message, calling her “Mama Lion Kichwa.” Diamond’s sister, Esma, seemed to support the speculation surrounding the ownership of Diamond’s wealth by captioning her post, “Hakimi and Mama Hakimi.”

It is widely known that Diamond and his mother have always had a close bond, so it is not surprising that they share such a connection. While Diamond has had relationships with multiple women and has children with different partners, including Zari Hassan, the focus of the discussion remains on the relationship between Diamond and his mother.

In June, it was reported by Morocco World News that Achraf Hakimi, playing for Paris Saint-Germain, is the sixth highest-paid African footballer, earning over $215,000 per week. Hakimi is currently facing preliminary charges of rape after a 24-year-old woman accused him of the crime in February. Although the alleged victim expressed her intention to provide a statement about the incident, she did not formally file a complaint with the police. As a result, an investigation into the matter was initiated.