KDF chopper crash: Sergeant Cliphonce Omondi’s family appeal for burial funds

Sergeant Cliphonce Omondi, tragically lost in a helicopter accident alongside General Francis Ogolla and nine fellow military officers last week, is slated for burial on May 3rd, 2024.

Dominic Oyugi, the spokesperson for Sergeant Omondi’s family, disclosed that arrangements for the burial are in progress. The family has decided to bring his remains to their residence in Ndiwo village, located in West Alego, on May 2nd, with the interment scheduled for the following day.

Oyugi emphasized that their focus is on organizing a dignified farewell for Sergeant Omondi. Addressing reporters at their residence, he mentioned that while the government, through the military, has pledged to assist with burial expenses, it will not be a state-funded affair as Sergeant Omondi held a lower rank compared to General Ogolla. Consequently, he appealed to friends and well-wishers for support to cover any financial shortfall that may arise.

William Nyong’o, another family member, disclosed that due to the expected large turnout of mourners, the burial ceremony will take place at Ndiwo Primary School, situated nearby.

Gertrude Achieng’, Cliphonce Omondi’s mother, and his sister-in-law Beatrice Odipo expressed profound grief over the loss of a beloved family member known for his humility, affection, and generosity towards relatives.

Sylvester Okwiri, Omondi’s cousin, lamented the premature loss of their promising son and urged the government to conduct a thorough investigation into the helicopter accident that claimed the lives of the ten officers.