Sitaki Hii Maneno Tena: Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Reveals Why He Will Never Return to TikTok Again

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism has firmly announced that he will never return to TikTok, citing the rampant misconduct of some preachers on the platform.

This declaration came during a recent sermon where Ng’ang’a voiced his dismay over the behavior he has witnessed online, particularly singling out Prophet Victor Kanyari for his controversial actions.

“I left TikTok after seeing the rubbish from these creatures. Why didn’t these preachers die?” Pastor Ng’ang’a exclaimed, expressing his deep frustration and disappointment.

He elaborated that the lack of decorum and the inappropriate conduct of certain preachers have tainted the platform, making it an unsuitable environment for his ministry.

Ng’ang’a’s criticism of Prophet Kanyari was especially pointed.

He recalled his own experiences preaching in Kawangware, where Kanyari has been based for years.

“I preached in his area when I came to Nairobi. He was in Kawangware, and until now, he’s still there without a church. If you’re not done with the earthly things, stay there. Don’t mix these two things,” Ng’ang’a remarked.

“All these years and he doesn’t even have a church, just the one in Kamulu, Mkuru area. I left him there, and he is still stagnant there.”

The tipping point for Ng’ang’a’s decision to quit TikTok was an incident involving Kanyari, which sparked widespread outrage.

During a church service, a woman presented Kanyari with a pack of condoms, advising him to heed romantic interests but to do so safely.

The woman professed her love for Kanyari and begged him to marry her, an act that Ng’ang’a found highly inappropriate and indicative of the broader issues on the platform.

In response to the backlash, Kanyari apologized to his church members and the Kenyan public.

He explained that he was unaware of what was wrapped in the newspaper handed to him and was shocked by the incident.

He claimed that it was the woman’s first time attending his church and that she was not saved.