“Si mtoto wangu” – Eric Omondi now wants DNA test for Jacque Maribe’s son

Eric Omondi has recently voiced doubts regarding his paternity of Jacque Maribe’s son. In an interview with Milele FM, the comedian expressed uncertainty about being the biological father while acknowledging their co-parenting arrangement.

During the interview, Eric also happily announced that he and his partner, Lynne, are expecting their first child together. He expressed gratitude for this blessing and emphasized that it will be his first child.

Eric’s doubts about being the father of Jacque Maribe’s son led him to demand a paternity test to ascertain their biological relationship. This request followed Maribe’s public accusations of Eric’s negligence as a father, which prompted him to share his side of the story on social media.

In his explanation, Eric revealed that he first met the former Citizen TV journalist in 2012 while working at Radio Africa Group. He mentioned that for seven years, he has been pleading with Maribe to undergo a DNA test to confirm his paternity, but she has consistently refused his request.

According to Eric, approximately four months after the birth of the child, Jacque reached out to him, asking for his involvement in their son’s life. He responded by insisting on a DNA test to establish a clear parentage, as it would allow him to fully support and be present in the child’s life.

Expressing surprise, Eric shared that they had used protection during their encounters and that he questioned how Maribe became pregnant. However, Maribe asserted that as the mother, she knew the identity of the father and claimed that Eric was indeed the father.

Eric mentioned that their intimate encounter had taken place in 2012 after a Radio Africa staff party, when both were working at different media stations. He clarified that it was a one-time occurrence and that Maribe was in a relationship with Sam Ogina of KTN at the time.

Despite his willingness to support the child, Eric maintained his stance on the necessity of a DNA test to establish their biological relationship. He expressed disappointment that Maribe had repeatedly refused his request, emphasizing that he wanted to do the right thing if he were to assume the role of a father fully.

In conclusion, Eric Omondi’s reservations about being the biological father of Jacque Maribe’s son have led to his insistence on a DNA test, despite Maribe declining his request.