“Alusa Why Are You Topless?”: Bien’s Debut Album Melts People’s Hearts

Bien-Aimé Baraza, a member of the renowned music group Sauti Sol, has recently unveiled his latest album, “Alusa Why Are You Topless?” This 16-track masterpiece delves into enduring contemporary societal issues, including education, sex, and drugs, ensuring its timeless impact for generations to come.

One notable track, “Student,” explores the challenges individuals face post-education while striving for a better life. The lyrics poignantly express sentiments such as, “I don’t wanna be the A student working for a B student kwa company ya C student. In the land of the D students. Oh mama na E students huku nje wanatesa na mabenz.” Bien sheds light on the intricate dynamics of life between the elite and non-elite, particularly in the realm of social development.

The album features collaborations with esteemed artists such as Ayra Starr, Tay Iwar, Scar Mkadinali, and Dj Edu, adding a captivating dimension to the listener’s experience and providing a soulful escape.

Notably, Bien’s musical prowess has earned him recognition from industry peers like Nameless, Harmonize, and Khaligraph Jones. In an exclusive interview with Kenyan digital media journalists, Bien revealed that the clever and intriguing album title, “Alusa Why Are You Topless?” was inspired by his mother. The rhetorical framing of the title adds a layer of metaphorical depth, with Bien explaining that it symbolizes freedom.

Beyond its metaphorical significance, there are reports suggesting that Bien has become the most streamed Kenyan artist on Spotify Africa since his debut in the music industry, further solidifying his impact and popularity.