Drama As Detective Jane Mugoh Confronts An Imposter Who Stole From Her (Video).

City Detective, Jane Mugoh has revealed how an imposter who had created an account using her photos stole from her.

Mugoh in a long Facebook post said that after she caught up with the said imposter, he pleaded for forgiveness and she gave him a job as a gardener.

The said man after getting the job went on to steal Mugoh’s phone which she recovered later.

Mugoh said that she decided to forgive the middle aged man after his poor family pleaded with her for mercy.

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This guy used my photos, to opened accounts online 2020 & started receiving money for charity work . When I caught up with him he asked for forgiveness which I did. He told me he was doing it because he was jobless, I decided to get him a Job as a Gardener in one of my farm house.”

After few months, He stole my phone, other items which I recovered. I decided to report the matter to the police and visit his family only to realise he had hidden the phone in his trousers worried 😎”

When I looked at his mother and family, I told police to release him and handled him over to his family.”

“God and community will deal with him. Do you have spouses , friends, colleagues, workers ,people who cannot change no matter how much you try reforming them. They are serial liars,Petty thieves. I mean Stealing lieying is in their blood stream.

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