Andrew Kibe Claims Sauti Sol Parted Ways Because They Got in Relationships: “The Women Will Leave You”

Kenyan YouTuber Andrew Kibe, who is based in the United States, has claimed that the popular boy band group Sauti Sol decided to part ways due to their involvement in romantic relationships.

Kibe expressed his disappointment after the group recently announced that they would cease band activities indefinitely following their upcoming tour in the United States and Europe. In a press statement shared on Twitter, the four musicians stated their eagerness to explore personal endeavors.

However, Kibe shared a video on TikTok in which he suggested that the members of Sauti Sol could have achieved even greater success if they had remained together and avoided romantic entanglements.

“We didn’t appreciate you solely for your individual careers. And when those individual careers stumble, your partners might leave you,” he remarked.

Kibe also made jest of Bien, a former member of Sauti Sol, claiming that his wife had exerted significant influence over him, to the point where he no longer made independent decisions.

He referenced a previous interview where Bien had publicly stated that if his wife chose to be with someone else because she grew tired of their marriage, he would allow her to do so.

“Before they got involved with women, no one talked about going their separate ways. Sauti Sol has broken up because of women,” Kibe added.

Kibe further revealed that he had advised the hip-hop trio Wakadinali to avoid relationships if they wanted to continue thriving as a group.

“I cautioned them against allowing women to interfere. Once women enter the equation, they start planting doubts in your mind,” he explained.

On a different note, Bien, in the past, mentioned that he had been married for a year but still found it challenging to fully grasp the concept of monogamy. He acknowledged that while monogamy worked for some people, it wasn’t suitable for everyone, all the while expressing admiration for his wife.

“For artists and other musicians, or even individuals who are passionate about their work, the work becomes their sole focus. Those who are consumed by their work often find it difficult to invest in anything else,” he shared.