Mambo ni Lombo Lombo! Stevo Simple Boy’s New dressing Style giving Kenyan Women sleepless nights

Upcoming musician Stevo Simple Boy has captivated Kenyan women with his new style, as he was recently seen promoting his latest song on the streets of Nairobi.

In a now-viral video shared by Waza, the singer sported a distinctive old-school outfit featuring jeans, a yarn-made crop top, and black shoes.

He posted, “Ndio Manake❤️ Mafans Wangu Nawapenda Sana. Tuingie Boomplay. Spotify. TikTok Tafuta SHEGA unisupporti @jurons_models_academy @maxwelkeen.”

Stevo Simple Boy’s outfit drew considerable attention, with many onlookers commenting on his unique fashion choice. One person remarked that the singer appeared to be wearing pieces of a blanket.

Among the compliments he received were:

“Luku kaweza lakini mwenye kupiga luku weeeeh!! Sijui nilaumu maumbile.”

“Lakini mumempea food😂😂😂 asi.faint tena ju ya njaa😂😂.”

Recently, Stevo Simple Boy announced that his ex-manager had finally returned his social media accounts after months of negotiation.

In an earlier interview, the ex-manager had insisted he would only return the accounts if he was paid Ksh 150,000. Chingi Boy, the ex-manager, claimed he had purchased Stevo Simple Boy’s accounts from MIB Records for Ksh 150,000 and sought the same amount as compensation before handing them back.