I’m not on your level! Mtafute PESA, KRG shades Kenyan artists in an angry IG rant

Another day unfolds with yet another dose of fresh shade from the dancehall sensation and self-proclaimed billionaire, KRG the Don, also known as Bughaa.

In his latest social media outburst, the emerging artist has taken a direct jab at Kenyan artists, whom he condescendingly labels as “local artists,” asserting that they should recognize the stark disparity in their status compared to him.

Karagu Kimani, known by his stage name KRG, has carved a niche for himself primarily as a media personality, with his musical endeavors taking a back seat. Despite a couple of hit songs to his credit, his notoriety for a controversial lifestyle seems to overshadow his musical achievements. In a tongue-in-cheek remark, one could argue that had he been born female, he might have embraced the role of a socialite.

“Y’all local artists, stop embarrassing yourselves because you look like clowns already,” begins the father of three, making it clear that, in his view, he stands apart from the crowd.

Continuing his tirade, the dancehall artist emphasizes the stark difference in caliber, insisting that merely sharing the same nationality does not equate to sharing the same league. According to KRG, they are not even playing the same game.

“I’m not on your level at all! Just because I’m Kenyan doesn’t mean I’m one of you. No sir!” declares the ‘Mambo Imechemuka’ hitmaker in a portion of his impassioned rant.

Concluding his online venting session, KRG urges fellow artists to focus on their own pursuits that contribute to putting food on their tables. He discourages them from involving themselves in unnecessary drama or seeking attention by mentioning him.

“Kila mtu afanye kazi yake kwa heshima. Mimi ni Bughaaa aka Man A Global charmer,” he writes, translating to, “Let everyone do their work with respect. I am Bughaa, a global charmer.”

Not content with just that, KRG takes a final swipe at his compatriots, asserting that they are not on his level and could never aspire to be part of the elite circle he associates with.

“The people I deal with, you can’t even get close to them, let alone working with them,” concludes the artist in his last scathing and incredibly shady statement.