Bodaboda Rider Narrates How a Male Client Bit Off His Lip After He Refused to 'Twa twa' -

Bodaboda Rider Narrates How a Male Client Bit Off His Lip After He Refused to ‘Twa twa’

Antony Mwangi, a Bodaboda rider from Roysambu, is currently recovering from injuries sustained after a male client bit off his lip. According to a report by Paxson TV, the incident occurred on Friday evening when Antony picked up the client who requested to be dropped off at a location in Zimmerman known as Zebra. Upon arrival, the client requested that Antony accompany him to his apartment on the fourth floor to collect payment of Ksh 200.

Initially, the client seemed friendly, even offering Antony refreshments. However, when Antony declined, the client became hostile and proceeded to steal Antony’s phone. He then demanded that Antony bend over for sexual activity, which Antony refused. The situation escalated quickly, with the client becoming aggressive and attempting to sexually assault Antony. In the process of defending himself, Antony’s lip was bitten off, causing him to scream for help.

Thankfully, his cries alerted the neighbors who rushed to his aid and provided him with first aid. The police arrived at the scene and arrested the client, who was taken to Kasarani police station. The incident has sparked concern among other Bodaboda riders who feel that they are unsafe, especially since clients often appear harmless when approaching them.

The riders have also expressed their disappointment that the suspect managed to bail himself out of jail the following day. As a precaution, riders have been advised against following clients to their homes to avoid such incidents. We wish Antony Mwangi a quick recovery and hope that justice will be served for this heinous crime.