We pay men to sleep with us in Germany – Lady reveals -

We pay men to sleep with us in Germany – Lady reveals

A female African resident living in Germany has recently revealed a concerning trend brought about by the scarcity of men in the country. In an attempt to combat their loneliness and seek companionship, women have resorted to paying men for their company and intimacy.

The woman, originally from Nigeria, contrasted her experiences in her home country where men typically approach women to initiate relationships, ensuring that the ladies are never left feeling alone or unattached. However, in Germany, the situation takes a stark turn, with men being in short supply. This scarcity has created significant challenges, particularly for single women who find themselves devoid of potential suitors willing to approach them.

The woman explained that the situation has become so dire that women find themselves compelled to actively pursue men, even going as far as begging them to visit them. To exacerbate matters, these women are also required to cover the transportation expenses for the men they seek to engage with. Furthermore, upon the men’s arrival, they are expected to provide a meal for them to consume.

These desperate measures, as described by the woman, illustrate the lengths to which women in Germany are willing to go in order to secure male companionship