Shirleen Mukami and her con baby daddy Cabu Gah in tears as Safaricom refunds money back to well-wishers.

Mobile network provider, Safaricom has dealt Shirleen Mukami and her baby daddy a blow after the two duped Kenyans off their hard earned money.

Mukami went viral after her story captured the hearts of kindhearted Kenyans who tropped in their hundreds to financially support her.

It is said that she received Ksh 814,117 before it was discovered that the story was fabricated.

Now, safaricom has intervened and blocked Mukami’s Mchanga account and well-wishers are being refunded their money.

As earlier reported by, Kenyans have been left shocked after details emerging that Shirleen Mukami conned them over Ksh 800k with a fabricated story by the baby daddy.

The lass had earlier taken to Twitter to share her struggles of single motherhood asking Kenyans to come through for her.

She said that she gave birth on June 15,2021 but there was no joy in her life after welcoming the baby.

“Hello, Twitter. I’m Shirleen Mukami, a 20-year old single mother of one boy whom I was blessed with on June 15th 2021. He’ll be turning 5 months in the next few days. But what’s there to celebrate!? It’s been a ride of hell and unbearable heartbreaks and pain,” part of the thread read.

“Kenyans, kindly support our little ‘Baby Shower Sisters’ initiative. We’ve been doing little and can’t mind doing much. Going out more. Meeting more mothers and healing our minds. I don’t even have much myself. But it’s by giving that I have been receiving a diaper or two myself,” she wrote in a tweet.

After the story went viral, Shirleen received over 800kfrom Kenyans only till yesterday that blogger Edgar Obare exposed the lady as a con.

Obare claimed that the story was fabricated by an alleged serial fraudster, Kenneth the Gachie Kabuga better known as Cabu Gah.

Obare in a series of screenshots revealed that Cabu Gah had fabricated the story so as he could buy another car after his previous ride got damaged following an accident.