Ferdinand Omanyala: How I met my Wife at a Kibandaski -

Ferdinand Omanyala: How I met my Wife at a Kibandaski

Ferdinand Omanyala, renowned as Africa’s swiftest sprinter, owes a profound debt of gratitude to his wife, Laventa Amutavi, for her unwavering belief in his aspirations. Amutavi’s unwavering support has been instrumental in his journey, both emotionally and financially.

The fateful meeting between Omanyala and Amutavi occurred in 2016 at a humble kibandaski, a makeshift food stall. Instantly, Omanyala was captivated by her charm, though it would take seven months of relentless effort to win her heart. During this period, Amutavi was diligently pursuing a degree in social work at Moi University, while Omanyala was enrolled at the University of Nairobi.

Omanyala’s income as a national athlete at that time was meager, making Amutavi’s financial support indispensable. Earning a mere Sh5,000 for a race, Omanyala found it challenging to meet the family’s expenses. Nevertheless, Amutavi’s unwavering faith in his dreams never faltered. She remained his steadfast pillar of support, ensuring he remained focused on his ambitions.

As Omanyala’s athletic career gained momentum, he ascended to public prominence, attracting numerous admirers. However, he remained unwaveringly devoted to his wife and family. He conscientiously ignored private messages from individuals with ulterior motives, only engaging with those who genuinely supported his journey.

In an interview with Kenya’s newspaper, The Standard, Omanyala candidly shared, “I receive countless messages from women, but I dismiss them. I am a married man, dedicated to my wife.” He continued, “I am aware that my success may attract attention, but my sole interest lies with my wife.”

Since their marriage in 2018, Omanyala and Amutavi have built a life together, and their union has been blessed with one child. Their story serves as a testament to the enduring power of love, support, and unwavering belief in one another’s dreams.