See What Zuchu Said About Getting Pregnant In 2023

Zuchu, the Tanzanian singer, has made it clear that she has no plans of getting pregnant this year, regardless of any circumstances that may arise. Recently, she took part in a TikTok challenge that predicted how her year would end, unfortunately, the prediction suggested that she would conclude 2023 with a pregnancy.

Expressing her strong discontent with this outcome, Zuchu emphatically captioned her TikTok video with a resounding “No!” firmly rejecting the idea.

Despite her determination to avoid pregnancy, Zuchu remains unwavering in her commitment to her boss and alleged “lover,” Diamond. One of Zuchu’s followers recently inquired about her reaction to Diamond kissing Fantana on the Young African and Famous show. It is evident that Zuchu was extremely displeased with the incident, as she expressed her feelings using strong and offensive language to convey her emotions.

In response to Romy Jons’ post on her wall asking if she had watched the show, Zuchu replied with a direct message stating, “nimeangalia Mwaya tell him I said F*ck you,” referring to Diamond.

Netizens have been flooding the singer’s page, urging her to move on and let go of Diamond, as they believe his behavior reflects his character and true nature.

A few weeks ago, Diamond put an end to the rumors circulating about a passionate romance between him and Zuchu. Despite the extravagant trips to Paris and public displays of affection, Diamond surprised everyone by categorizing Zuchu as a friend and referring to her as his “sister.”

Diamond explicitly addressed their relationship, stating, “I would like to clarify that Zuhura and I are currently nothing more than siblings and not involved romantically, contrary to what some may have assumed or believed.”

This revelation caught many off guard, especially considering the widespread belief that Zuchu was destined to become Diamond’s next child’s mother. Diamond had even expressed his desire to have another child in his Instagram stories, leaving fans in a state of disbelief.

Having already fathered four children with three different mothers, Diamond’s past disclosure on the reality show “Young Famous and African” also hinted at the possibility of him having another child that the public is unaware of.

This announcement came as a shock to many, especially considering the belief that Zuchu was going to become Diamond’s next child’s mother. The singer himself had revealed his readiness to have another child through his Instagram stories, leaving fans in disbelief.

Diamond is already a father to four known children with three different mothers. However, there remains a possibility of him having another child whose existence is not public knowledge, based on his past revelation in the reality show “Young Famous and African.”