CassyPool: Willy Paul ni Mkali Kumliko Diamond Platnumz. -

CassyPool: Willy Paul ni Mkali Kumliko Diamond Platnumz.

CassyPool, a well-known Kenyan content creator, former presidential aspirant, and celebrity critic, recently sparked a discussion online with his comparison of Kenyan singer Willy Paul and Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with Mungai Eve channel, CassyPool expressed his belief that Willy Paul is not only the best musician in Kenya but also in East Africa as a whole. According to him, Willy Paul possesses an innate talent and effortlessly creates exceptional music. He praised the artist’s songs, considering them masterpieces with lyrics that clearly demonstrate his compositional skills.

In contrast, CassyPool stated that Diamond Platnumz falls short of reaching the same level as Willy Paul. He believes that the only artist who can be compared to Willy Paul is Fally Ipupa from Congo. In CassyPool’s opinion, no artist in East Africa surpasses the stature of Pozze.

CassyPool also pointed out a challenge faced by Willy Paul, namely his association with multiple women. He expressed concern that this might hinder his productivity and potentially harm his music career.

However, despite this concern, CassyPool remains optimistic about Willy Paul’s potential. He emphasized the significance of Willy Paul’s reunion with Miss P, stating that it holds great promise for their future music releases. Additionally, CassyPool encouraged Willy Paul to consider marrying Miss P and starting a family together while continuing to create music. He expressed admiration for their compatibility and described them as a cute couple.

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