See what RUTO had planned to do during the Madaraka Day fete before UHURU got wind from NIS and snubbed him and RAILA altogether.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday shocked the country after he broke protocal and delivered his speech before his Deputy, William Ruto spoke during the Madaraka Day celebrations.

As per the protocal of a national event , for example, Madaraka Day, the Deputy President should talk first prior to welcoming the President.

Nonetheless, that was not the situation in the 59th Madaraka Day fete held at Uhuru Gardens.

Subtleties have now arisen why both Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga were not allowed to talk at the event.

As per reports, Ruto, who has filled in as Uhuru’s deputy for 10 years, was planning to steal the show from his boss during the celebrations by resigning as the Deputy President.

Raila, on the other hand, wanted to counter Ruto’s move by mobilizing his supporters at the venue to neutralize his political enemy and make sure that he does not make the news headlines.

It was reputed that Ruto had prepared his supporters who were supposed to cheer him a move that Raila needed to counter by ensuring that the Deputy President is booed when he leaves formally on the platform.

Prior on Tuesday, Ruto met Members of Parliament and aspirants partnered to his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and intended to assemble allies from their particular regions to attend the Madaraka Day festivities to cheer him when he makes his declaration of leaving his administration post.

Around the same time, Raila campaigned in a quickly coordinated road show in Nairobi, where he was preparing his supporters to attend the celebrations to counter Ruto’s move.