Meet Kenyan Couple making 50,000 shillings Weekly from sleeping the whole Day

Imagine the prospect of earning a living simply by sleeping during the day. This improbable reality is the fascinating tale of a young Kenyan couple who managed to rake in Ksh.50,000 while catching some Z’s….CONTINUE READING

Raymax and Maycee Ochieng, popularly known as The Ray’s in the realm of TikTok, have found a lucrative niche in broadcasting their slumber sessions. Their modus operandi involves going live on TikTok while nestled in bed, eventually drifting off to sleep as their followers tune in, staying glued to their screens until the early hours.

During a previous interview, Maycee Ochieng disclosed that there was a week where their earnings surpassed Ksh.60,000. Recounting their windfall, she mentioned waking up to find Ksh.20,000 one day, Ksh.30,000 the next, and Ksh.10,000 following. She emphasized that while most people sleep at night, their unconventional daytime sleeping habits have captured the interest of their audience.

Despite their initial success, the couple admitted that their weekly earnings have taken a hit recently. Maycee attributed this downturn to the fleeting attention spans of Kenyans, noting a gradual waning of interest among some fans.

“We can’t say it’s as good now. Kenyans lose interest quickly in one type of content. At the moment, our earnings aren’t impressive,” she lamented.

She reminisced about a time when their admirers showered them with gifts, allowing them to pocket up to Ksh.60,000 in a single week. Their newfound prosperity even facilitated a move from the confines of Kibera’s slums to a more spacious two-bedroom apartment.

The allure of The Ray’s sleeping escapades lies in the novelty of their daytime slumber, a departure from the norm of nocturnal rest. However, their unique brand of content creation isn’t without its challenges. Ray revealed that they frequently endure harsh criticism and insults from viewers, some of whom urge them to seek more conventional employment.

Nonetheless, Ray staunchly defends their unconventional occupation, viewing sleep as their full-time job and a source of income. He challenges detractors to experience the fatigue of sleeping throughout the day, highlighting the physical toll of maintaining a fixed position for hours in front of the camera.

For Maycee, the essence of their videos transcends mere entertainment; it’s about spreading love and showcasing the depth of their affection. She stresses that their content isn’t an endorsement of laziness but rather a celebration of enduring love that resonates with their audience.

Despite the current downturn in earnings, the couple remains optimistic about the future. They’ve attracted interest from various companies for potential brand endorsements, hinting at the possibility of a resurgence in their fortunes.