Murang’a Man In Tears After Wife Dumped Him For A 20-years-old Dude.

A Murang’a Man is currently in tears after his wife eloped with a 20-years-old man.

Julius Kamande, 50, speaking to our reporter said that his wife left him for the young man seeing that he was impotent and had low libido.

He revealed that he already knew that his wife would dump him for she kept presurizing him to get treated for his low sex urge.

“My Wife has been pressuring me to get treated by the traditional healers saying that she never gets satisfied when we make out,” he said.

“She has now ledlft me for the young guy and I only hope that God will see me through this heartache. I can’t handle it and only a good psychologist can heal me,” Julius added.

He went on to state that he hopes that his wife will come back to her senses and return to him.