Forex scammer Kenyan Prince reveals why he dumped girlfriend Risper Kerubo

Raymond Omosa, better known as Kenyan Prince, recently opened up about the dissolution of his relationship with his former girlfriend, Princess Kerubo. In a candid conversation with Mungai Eve on her platform ‘Mungai Eve Media’, the TikTok sensation delved into his upbringing, recounting his journey from childhood to finding himself on the streets. Additionally, he shared insights into his romantic entanglement with Princess Kerubo, expressing deep affection for her despite admitting to infidelity during their time together.

Kenyan Prince offered a perspective on infidelity within romantic bonds, asserting its prevalence across both married and unmarried partnerships. To him, the act of straying from fidelity carries less weight, viewing it as a common occurrence, whether intentional or inadvertent.

When questioned about any remorse regarding the pain inflicted upon Princess Kerubo, Prince remained resolute, asserting an absence of regret for his actions. He adopted a seemingly indifferent stance, suggesting his conduct was justifiable, particularly considering the duration of their relationship spanning three years.

Elaborating further, the TikTok luminary disclosed enduring dissatisfaction within their intimate encounters, which ultimately drove him to seek fulfillment elsewhere, resulting in the demise of their union.

“I endured three years in a relationship, enduring unsatisfactory experiences in the bedroom, all in the pursuit of love,” shared Kenyan Prince with Mungai Eve.

In response to inquiries regarding potential damage to Princess Kerubo’s reputation, he cited her initiation of similar actions as justification for his retaliatory behavior.

Beyond his personal affairs, Raymond is recognized as a prominent figure in forex trading circles, gaining traction on TikTok for showcasing his affluence through his content.