How Former matatu driver makes 800k per month from his dairy farm -
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How Former matatu driver makes 800k per month from his dairy farm

Dairy farming is flourishing in Kenya, as demonstrated by Gita Farm, owned by Evans Gitau, a former tout and matatu driver. The farm houses 74 dairy cows, with the majority producing an average of 30 liters of milk per day. Gitau has been in the dairy industry for 8 years and has increased his herd from 4 cows to the current 74. He collects 750 liters of milk daily from 45 lactating cows, which he sells to Githunguri Dairies for a gross of Sh. 810,000 per month at a price between Sh. 36 and Sh. 38 per liter.

Gitau’s journey in dairy farming began after he quit his job as a tout and driver due to police harassment. He returned to his village to help his widowed mother care for her cows and later decided to focus on dairy farming. He presented a proposal to the farmers’ owned Sacco and was advanced Sh. 240,000 to buy three Friesian cows. With his success, he was able to repay the loan and in 2013, used the title deed of his family land to borrow Sh. 2 million and buy 17 Holstein Friesian cows. He has since relocated to a larger farm, where he continues to expand his herd and increase milk production.

Gitau delivers the milk using tuk-tuk vehicles and expects to hit 1,300 liters per day once the animals calve down. He feeds the cows a mixture of silage, hay, napier grass, and machicha, and they are washed and scrubbed twice a week. The barns are cleaned three times a day, ensuring the health and well-being of the animals. With his determination and hard work, Gitau is well on his way to making Gita Farm one of the best dairy farms in Kenya.